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a tiny spider with a message

The other day I chanced to glance at a tiny dot hanging from the shower curtain bar. What I saw was the tiniest little spider I have ever seen. This little guy was so small he could sit comfortably on the head of a pin and still have room to entertain.

But what happened next truly amazed me….

I normally swat or squish bugs to their heavenly (or the “other” realm) resting place but this time something (or Someone) stopped me. Snatching the top of his web string, I just held him in front of me, watching his nearly microscopic legs working like crazy to escape. Suddenly – I kid you not – my heart was flooded with compassion for this dinky dude. Really…. compassion! So I decided to quickly whisk him outside to the garden, where he could catch his micro-food and live to tell his adventure to his little spider grandkids.

After this, the thought popped into my head: “You experienced just a small taste of how I feel about my creation.” I’m presuming this came from God. So I responded with a thought: “Please help me to learn this compassion.” Then I sensed God smiling in that loving, wistful way.